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How @Replies On Twitter Can Profit Your Business


How to Market Your Business with @Replies on Twitter

Have you started Twittering? If so, you may have a main goal. For that many, that goal is to keep their friends, family members, and coworkers updated with short messages. Yes, this is how many internet users use Twitter, but you may have other plans. You may wish to use the website to market your business and to promote a product or service you sell. If so, you can easily do so with @Replies on Twitter. How? Continue reading on to find out.

Before outlining how you can use @Replies to your advantage on Twitter, it is first important to understand the process. Twitter is an online social networking website and micro-blog. Once you register for a free account, you are able to develop a list of friends. You can follow these friends and they may do the same for you. Updates are sent through mobile phone web applications, RSS feeds, some instant messaging programs, and the Twitter website. These updates are text based messages, which should be shorter than 140 characters each.

When first signing up for a Twitter account, you will be promoted to provide the password for your email account. Although optional, this will allow you to see if your contacts have Twitter accounts. You can also find friends by searching by location, name, or email address. This is easy, but if your main goal is to use Twitter for internet market purposes, you need to expand your contacts. You can do this by simply reading profiles and finding someone interesting or you join online message boards. This is best if you stick with those inline with your business. Do you sell pet products? Join a pet message board and ask others to join you on Twitter.

As for how you can use @Replies to sell a product or a service, you do so by becoming a follower. This is where you can benefit from returning the favor. If someone becomes a follower and reads your updates, do the same. Although this is not required, it can work to your advantage. Why? Because some Twitter members do more than just post what they are doing. Some also ask questions or ask for help on a certain subject. If those questions or subjects pertain to what you are selling or have to offer, you could easily make a sale.

In keeping with the above mentioned example of selling pet supplies, do you run an online pet store? If so, you may sell a wide range of pet supplies. By finding other members of Twitter who are pet owners, you stand to make a profit. For example, did another member send an update saying “My dog ate my new pair of sandals. This is the 3rd time it has happened. I am so frustrated!” This is your perfect opportunity to mention a dog obedience training book or video you sell.

Online, you will find many people that outright advertise they have a product or service to sell. Yes, it is possible to do this, but you may be classified as a spammer. For that reason, it is best to use replies to your advantage. For example, you may already know that you can use affiliate websites and Google Adsense to make money online, but this is something that people learn each day. Someone may send a message saying “I want to make money with my blog, but it just isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?” If you are a web content writer, this is your chance. You can offer a response similar to “I am a professional web writer. For an affordable fee, I can write a few blog posts for you or show you how to make money with your blog.” Since you are responding to a Twitter, your post seems more helpful and less like spam.

As a recap, the best way to use Twitter for internet marketing to increase your sales is to doing so subtly. For that reason, use @replies to your advantage.

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