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FREE Sunday Times Best Seller Book will show you a simple way to make all the money you’ll ever need!


FREE Sunday Times Best Seller Book will show you a simple way to make all the money you’ll ever need!

Hate your job - Stress in Office

Written by Andrew Reynolds , a man who has made well over £50,000,000 in profit through his ideas and Internet Marketing skills , this is a must for anyone who wants some inspiration and has the desire to follow in his footsteps . Not overnight , that does not happen , but over time , get to quit work , free up time , love and live life how you want !

This is FREE to you with my compliments after meeting Andrew myself , and he also going to include loads of FREE gifts . Here is the man himself ..

.Andrew Reynolds Holding his book Copy This Idea

Here is a snippet of what is included here FREE …

I’ll Include THREE EXTRA GIFTS FREE which would genuinely usually cost you £242 but which I’ll post to you along with your book!

Free GIft 1 with Copy This Idea BookTo run through these quickly, they include three very special DVD’s which are sold on Amazon for £67 per set. This DVD Box Set will give you a great insight into what I do and enable you to not just read about it in the book but to watch the method in action as it happens with your own eyes. In fact, you can even watch them on your mobile, tablet or laptop as I’ll supply you with a private secure link to the OnDemand version online too. Now very briefly, one of those DVDs is called:-

    1. The £500,000 Challenge – where you’ll see me operating my system live on camera and taking up a challenge to bank half a million pounds in a week on my laptop… . In fact, you’ll literally see the money coming in live on camera – and all by doing what I teach you in the book.

Another’s called:-

    1. How I Pulled In Over £50 Million Pounds – which was filmed live at London’s O2 Arena – something I was only too happy to demonstrate at an event I held to raise money for a children’s charity…

Whilst the third DVD’s called:-

  1. The Millionaire Secret – which is something you’ll definitely want to see as you’ll have NEVER seen anything like this before.

Free GIft 2 with Copy This Idea BookNow the second free gift I’d be happy to include is my monthly Copy These Ideas Newsletter which complements the book and enables you and I to keep in touch with each other EVERY MONTH. Now this newsletter would normally cost you £97 a year, but I’ll not only send you the next 6 months’ editions COMPLETELY FREE – you can have them with my compliments – but I’ll also send you a whole year of back issues too, to get you up to speed quickly. In other words, that’s a whole extra year of great ideas you can copy – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

In other words, that’s £145 worth of newsletters for NOTHING.

Free GIft 3 with Copy This Idea BookAnd thirdly I’d also be happy to send you a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL VIEWING of my Home Study Course which not only complements the book, but comes with a 1-2-1 chat with me so I can help you directly with the method detailed in the book if you’d like me to.

Now look, you don’t need any of this to make money, as it’s all in the book, but it’s there for you if you want to perhaps work a little closer with me, rather than on your own which is something you can do through the newsletter and the course.

Incidentally if you were to enroll in this course right now it would cost you just £29.95 a month – but as I said I’ll give you the whole first month’s package ABSOLUTELY FREE! If of course after looking at it you would like to receive the rest of the monthly course parts, you are quite welcome to do so. But you don’t have to, and even if you do you can cancel at any time you’d like without penalty.

So altogether that’s around £242 worth of gifts I‘ll give to you, PLUS of course the book which itself retails at £9.99 which gives us a total of about £252 of boxed up goods which I genuinely would be happy to send to you with my compliments WITHOUT YOU EVER paying a penny for ANY of these items:-

  • NOT the £9.99 for the book …
  • NOT the £29.95 for the course package …
  • NOT the £145.00 for the newsletters …
  • NOT NOT even the £67.00 for the DVD Box Set.


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